Brian: Creator & Illustrator

    The man responsible for the conception, and the art style of Bananabread Comics. He also acts as co writer to Bob. His background in computer aided design certainly helps, however he never claimed to be a fine artist. He does, however, have his own pens and pencils and everything! You can check for yourself, there’s like eight of them on his desk right now!

Likes: Well-rounded, yet quirky people who can hold a conversation

Dislikes: People who claim to like a band, but have only heard like, one single they’ve put out.

Bob: The Writer

    Runner up for the “Funniest” superlative in his high school senior yearbook, but lost to the school mascot, which was a goat. Determined to prove to his dad that just because he can’t get a “real job” with his English degree doesn’t mean it was a waste of four years and $28,000.

Likes: Long walks near a beach (but not on the beach, because of all the sand)

Dislikes: Sand

Jason: Web Developer Extraordinaire

    Technological powerhouse who decided that developing websites for major corporations was for squares. Luckily for us, Jason decided to help his friends make their oh so amazing web comics. He is the mastermind behind all of the legal, technological, and business sides of Bananabread Comics, as well as several other things Bob and Brian do not understand.

Likes: When people know how to properly load the dishwasher (seriously, it isn’t that hard people)

Dislikes: When he buys too many tomatoes at the grocery store because they’re like, a really good deal right now at $1.25/lb, but then he doesn’t get around to using them in time and almost half of them spoil